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Training Overview

Gravitek is an accredited training provider, accredited by the Services Sector Education Training Authority (SSETA Accreditation No. 2415) and by the Institute for Work at Height Professional Body (IWH-PB). We’ve been providing work at height training since 2003.

We specialize in National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Work at Height Safety Training that meets both Legislative (OHS Act 85, 1993 and Skills Development Act, 1998) and Industry (IWH) best practice requirements.

The OHS Act 85 of 1993; Construction regulations 1: Definition for a competent person “Competent person: means any person having the knowledge, training, experience and qualifications specific to the work or task being performed: Provided that where appropriate qualifications and training are registered in terms of the provisions of the South African Qualifications Authority Act, 1995 (Act No.58 of 1995) these qualifications and training shall be deemed to be the required qualifications and training.”

Learners successfully exiting our training programme/s are licensed by the Institute for Work at Height Professional Body (IWH-PB) against South African Qualifications Authority Registered Designations or IWH-PB Registered Skills Programmes and receive a License to Operate valid for 3 years.

All of our facilitators have practical industry experience currently working or having worked as IWH licensed supervisors in the various Work at Height fields. We also have several facilitators that are fluent in both English and isiZulu.

Safety Training has become one of the most essential aspects for any employer working within the work at height industry in South Africa; these courses have been designed with this in mind. Our commitment to all aspects of safety is priority, incorporating our extensive knowledge of Current Legislation, SANS Codes of Practice, and IWH RAFA Chambers (Institute for Work at Height Rope Access and Fall Arrest Chambers) best practice/standards into our training programmes.