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T Training

Rope Access Technician (Level 1)

A SAQA Registered Designation and qualifying learners are registered and licensed with the IWH-PB.

Trained and Assessed against:

US 229998 “Explain and perform fall arrest techniques when working at height”

US 230000 “Perform a limited range of rope access tasks and rescues”

NQF Training Accredited by: SAQA, SSETA and IWH - PB

Who needs this Training: Technicians that need to climb up and down structures and do work while being suspended from ropes. Learners working towards this standard will be learning towards performing a range of rope access tasks and rescues where rope access skills are required. Qualifying learners will be able to perform a range of rope access manoeuvres and limited rescue manoeuvres, under supervision.

Duration: 6 Days.

Entry Requirements: Original Certified copy of I.D Document, valid copy of OHS Medical Certificate stating fitness for Work at Height. Learners MUST be proficient in English reading and writing and Mathematical Literacy up to the level of Grade 10.

The Qualifying Learner is Capable of:

  • - Preparing for rope access and assembling personal rope access equipment
  • - Explaining and tying basic rope knots.
  • - Performing basic rope access manoeuvres safely on a pre-rigged double rope systems/course.
  • - Performing basic rope access rescue manoeuvres on a pre-rigged double rope systems and explain the role of the team.
  • - Maintaining personal rope access equipment.