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T Training

Fall Protection Planner

A SAQA Registered Designation and qualifying learners are registered and licensed with the IWH-PB.

Trained and Assessed against:

US 229994 “Assess a worksite for work at height and prepare a fall protection plan”

US 229998 “Explain and perform fall arrest techniques when working at height”

NQF Training Accredited by: SAQA, SSETA and IWH - PB

Who needs this Training: Site supervisors, safety officers, legal appointed 8.1(a) persons. This course is to enable anyone who is involved in managing people for work at height to write or implement a fall protection plan. Learners wishing to acquire the competencies in this standard will be people responsible for the safety and protection of people working at height where there is a risk of injury from a fall. The learner will be responsible for the safety of others performing tasks at height. Qualifying learners are able to develop fall protection plans for people working at height, required by the Occupational Health and safety act (Act 85 of 1993). 

Duration: 4 Days

Entry Requirements: Original Certified copy of I.D Document, valid copy of OHS Medical Certificate stating fitness for Work at Height. Learners MUST be proficient in English reading and writing and Mathematical Literacy up to the level of Grade 12.

The Qualifying Learner is Capable of:

  • - Performing a risk assessment of the worksite where work is to be done at height.
  • - Demonstrating knowledge of fall arrest rescue equipment and advanced fall arrest rescue.
  • - Developing a fall protection plan and fall arrest plan.
  • - Managing safety of personnel working at heights.