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S Services - Commercial

In 2012, the Institute for Work at Height was awarded recognition as the Professional Body, in line with the NQF Act, for the Fall Arrest and Rope Access Industry in South Africa. This now means that all technicians operating in a working at heights or rope access scenario will need to hold a licence to operate for their relevant designation. (Ref: Construction Regulations 2014), where it states:

“Rope Access Work
18.  (1) A contractor must –

      (c) ensure that all rope access operators are competent and licensed to carry out their work.” To this end and in line with legislated requirements Gravitek only provides services using licensed Fall Protection Plan Developers, Rope Access and Fall Arrest Technicians.

If you have looked around the Durban skyline, you may see men in black and yellow cleaning, repairing or painting a building or elevated structure near you... This has been a common site to so many over the last 2 decades. Gravitek personnel are well equipped to access just about any elevated structure safely and efficiently and to get the job done, timeously and without interruption. Gravitek is Work at Height...

Gravitek specializes in the following commercial services:

Property Maintenance:

  • - Waterproofing (various applications)
  • - Concrete spalling repairs
  • - Expansion joint repairs
  • - Down pipe repairs
  • - Elevated painting
  • - Window cleaning
  • - Window replacement


  • - Installation
  • - Maintenance (various)
  • - Removal
  • - Flighting